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Jul 16, 2012 12:00am EDT
then a discussion on the future of the u.s. postal service. tomorrow, vice president biden talks about issues facing seniors. we will have his remarks at 11:45 on c-span 2. in his last question time before recess, david cameron fielded questions from members, mostly on the economy and changes to the national health service. next week members will break and return to the house in september. for the prime minister? >> thank you, mr. speaker. 04 missing my engagement i'm sure the house will join me in paying tribute to police constable steinfeld who was shot and killed on monday. even though he was off-duty at the time he acted selflessly when he saw members of the public at risk. this is typical of the behavior of our brave police force. his death is a reminder of the great debt we owe everyone in the police force. our deepest sympathies to his family, friends and colleagues at this tragic time. this morning i had meetings with others and in addition to duties in this house i will have further meetings later today. >> cannot associate with the remarks the prime minister has made, s
Jul 15, 2012 9:00pm EDT
. [shouting] >> i would like to pay tribute to ian steindell. his selfless act and tragic that remind us what the police before us right up and down the country. i am sure condolences of the ole house to his family and friends. mr. speaker, last question time fore the recess. can i remind the prime minister what he said about why he wanted to the prime minister. he paused and with characteristic humility he said i think of it. [laughter] >> where did they all go wrong? it is this government that past immigratn and the fact that for twenty-five millioneople the duty incrd spendin and cut the dicit by 25%. i can't read about the list of all the things that go wrong. we haven't got time. >> obviously it is a shame it didn't happen last night. mr. speaker, he lost control of his party and not for the first time he lost his temper as well. because we understand it was 50 counts to be justice. and noted that the face today to be here. [shouting] >> who ds the prime minister blame most? the liberal democrats or his own bank managers? if the best he can do today is -- [shouting] >> introducing social
Jul 1, 2012 9:00pm EDT
in council act and fuel tax. they should be congratulating us to be on the side of those who work hard and do the right thing. >> bk to the bunker after that one. even on this government's own measure of success borrow when went up yesterday. no wonder they want to change the system. can he confirm that the reason this government has had to borrow three million more, this time last year, because tax revenues are down and the cost of economic failure are going up and it is the result of a double dip recession made in downing street? the fuel tax, he is against it and in favor of it and on bar when he thinks it is too high but wants to put it up. mr. speaker, he finds the chancellor irritating but he called for the full duty cut. [shouting] >> the reality is they are not just economically incompetent but unfair as well. it made a thick you turn but not on two particular decisions in his budget. the tax cut for millionaires paid for by the tax rise on pensions. he says he has been listening to the electorate. what feedback has he had on those two proposs? the shadow chancellor is about to put th
Jul 8, 2012 9:00pm EDT
, there is no disagreement between us. this banking scandal is appalling. it is outrageous that homeowners may have paid higher mortgage rates and small businesses may have paid higher interest rate because of illegal activity in the city. people want to know that crime in our banks, crime in our financial services, will be pursued and punished like crime on our streets. as well as that, they want rapid action to make sure this cannot happen again. in my view, the most important thing it is swift and decisive. get going as fast as possible, report as fast as possible. transparent and open at every stage. that's why i favor a public parliamentary environment. i want to legislate on this starting next year. >> mr. speaker, i do understand concerns about speed. there are concerns also the inquiry being talked about is far too narrow. when we know the problems go much wider. >> i believe there is a way forward we can agree upon. we have a two part inquiry that is constructed by christmas to report on the scandal. the second part is a 12 month at a much wider area of the culture within the industry. that sat
Jul 9, 2012 12:00am EDT
the culture. >> i do understand the public concern, which is why i want us to get on with it. frankly, it is this government that will legislate to change the banks. it is this government that is scrapping the tripartite agreement that failed so badly. it is this government that increases in the bank levee so banks pay their proper but -- taxes. we have introduced in this transparent regime for bonuses in any financial center in the world. we will see bob diamond treasured upstairs by the treasury select committee this afternoon. what i would say to the honorable gentleman. we're having a vote in the house of commons tomorrow on his motion and a vote on the government's motion. clearly, if the opposition motion wins, there'll be a full, independent public inquiry. i would urge him to say that, if the government motion is carried, he will cooperate with a parliamentary inquiry. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, i do not think the prime minister gets it. the depth of public concern. i do hope he will reconsider his position, but he mentions the inquiry and says they are implementing it. i do t
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)